What Makes A Luxury Hotel Luxurious?

The concept of luxury comes with different connotations. If you ask anyone who appreciates elegance and refinement about their idea of luxury, chances are there will be a range of responses from modern conveniences like a gourmet restaurant or deluxe spa to incomparable service and a lavish environment — all at a price that justifies the experience. The idea of luxury is fluid, perpetually changing, and often personal, yet there are some things everyone seems to agree on that constitute luxury. The Pillars Hotel & Club understands how genuine luxury should look and feel and what a luxury experience should entail!

How Luxury Has Evolved

The definition and what constitutes luxury has changed throughout history, perhaps in keeping with changing expectations. Some luxury hotels have kept the traditional concept of luxury alive — with stately rooms in palaces adorned with impeccably maintained antique furnishings, ornate chandeliers, and the finest linens. Dust-and-smudge-free, these sumptuous rooms offer the kind of glamor and decadence befitting royalty.

Fast-forward to the modern world — and the concept of luxury now encompasses every digital and contemporary convenience available — awe-inspiring and delightful innovations incorporated into the warmth and welcoming comfort of lavishly appointed rooms.

What Luxury Should Always Include

Although the term luxury feels overused today, some elements should always accompany the use of the word. Most people would agree that luxury accommodation and hospitality incorporates most — if not all — of the following:

Authenticity. The experience should be unique, genuine, and distinct, not cookie-cutter or easily replicated. Luxury spans beyond material items and now includes immersive and memorable events, occasions, and offerings.

Personalization. Establishing one-on-one rapport, adding or including touches that enhance individual experiences, anticipating needs, and taking care of them before guests even know the need — all contribute to a luxury experience.

Impeccable service. Exceptional guest service can often be the tipping point for creating loyalty. Individual attention and genuine, professional, friendly, and consistent care leave lasting impressions. Attention to detail and going above and beyond are not hospitality buzzwords but the difference between mundane and luxurious.

— Quality and cleanliness. The price of luxury includes comforts and conveniences, amenities, and spaces that are always at the highest standard of quality and cleanliness.

The bottom line

Luxury is about creating a unique and magical experience like no other. A “wow!” that feeds the soul on an individual level and creates memories that last a lifetime.

The Pillars Hotel & Club — Luxury Personified

The Pillars Hotel & Club is a quintessential example of a boutique luxury hotel. Sophisticated and elegant, the property treats guests to exceptional individual service and luxury reminiscent of the finest European boutique inns. Key features of the hotel include nightly gourmet dining in The Secret Garden restaurant, alfresco waterside fine dining, and 24 elegant luxury rooms. Unparalleled in design, location, and authentic offerings, The Pillars Hotel & Club proudly offers sumptuous comfort and distinct, unforgettable experiences.

Experience the difference luxury makes with a stay at the award-winning Pillars Hotel & Club. Call for more information at 954.467.9639 or contact us here.